Acupuncture X Relaxation

The most powerful element to your entire healing process is learning to relax. Forget faith, forget the Yin & Yang, forget Qi, just relax.

By relaxing you strip the issue/disease/emotion you are combatting from all of its power; it feeds off of your anxiety and helplessness. The moment you relax, the rigidity and pain surrounding the issue softens, and your condition improves. You’ll be more open to the regular standard of care, and you’ll maybe see miracles, but you will definitely not suffer double time.

Where does acupuncture fit within relaxation? Stimulation of the different Acu-points serves as a sort of energetic prayer on your behalf, thereby inducing a deep state of peace and relaxation. Meditation helps you relax and experience peace too, and I advocate it to all of my clients, but it requires your willpower and effort, whereas, in acupuncture, the points do the work for you. The more you enter this state of relaxation, the more you’ll notice how the calmness experienced in the sessions reappears throughout your day.

By tasting this relaxation in your acupuncture sessions, you’ll discover that a reprieve from your tumultuous emotions does exist and that you can, regardless of what is happening in front of you, find a way to relax and be ok.

Douglas PetersonComment