What Is Acupuncture?

What Is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture involves the gentle insertion of super thin, sterile, one-time use needles into special points on the body outlined by Japanese and Chinese meridian philosophies. These points are basically reservoirs of Qi(energy) that tap into the body’s various systems, helping you experience total balance and joy within.

What Are Meridians?

If you like this stuff and understand these terms: meridional philosophy is the chakras on steroids. If this is all new to you however—these Japanese and Chinese philosophies view the body as having physical, mental, and spiritual aspects that dictate it’s many processes. The various organs and other areas of the body engage with one another through the energetic meridians system—flowing pathways throughout the body, connecting the inner and outer. Accordingly, all disharmony and disease are reduced to mere blockages in these meridians. Clearing the meridians of the blockages by stimulating corresponding acupoints(which will usually be totally different on each individual because everyone manifests problems uniquely), the suffering will naturally dissolve, and a higher vibrational state of healing experienced.

What Will It Feel Like?

Well it depends on your practitioner’s style. I use super fine needles and a gentle approach, so unless you need trigger point therapy—where the pain is similar to that of a deep tissue massage—you will feel almost nothing. Some points however, naturally illicit sensations of magnetism, depth, buoyancy, and warmth, plus others feelings that you’ll only know if you explore!

Douglas Peterson