Wellness Acupuncture

This is a personalized treatment that caters to any of your healing needs. Whether you are presenting with high levels of stress, anxiety, digestive problems, IBS, autoimmune disorders, respiratory conditions, gynecological issues, cancer treatment symptoms, insomnia, emotional problems, or generalized pain, this form of acupuncture will benefit you.

This style of practice relies on the 2000+ years of Japanese and Chinese Medicinal philosophies.

Trigger-Point Acupuncture

This is a tailored treatment designed to help relieve your musculoskeletal pain, also commonly known as dry-needling. The hyper-thin needles are placed in the muscles and are stimulated into spasm and then relaxation. If you are suffering from neck, knee, or back pain, or any other discomfort of the muscles or physical structure, this style is for you!

This form of acupuncture relies on the research of Harvard’s Janet Travel combined with Classical Chinese acupuncture theory.

Objective Way Acupuncture

This is an intensive treatment revolving around reflective exercises and emotional release techniques. The purpose of this style is to help you recenter yourself within your inner world to a higher perspective and outlook on your emotions, pain, life and goals. I will help you in your inner explorations, and through acu-points, help you break your heart blockages and propel you into deeper states of consciousness. This style caters most to those already with a meditative or emotional release practice, but anyone willing to truly look within would benefit from an OWA session.

This form of acupuncture relies on the teachings of Michael Singer and David Hawkins, which centralizes around the notion of letting go.